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January 13, 2022

Wonderful news! This one-hour video produced with humor and heart in 2009 by Big Brain Productions Inc., describes life with ADHD from the funny and poignant perspective of Canadian comedian and actor, Patrick McKenna, his wife, and the directors, Rick and Ava Green. This incredible documentary is now available to all for free on YouTube !

When you have a minute, click the link below, then like & share this with anyone and everyone. It’s hugely helpful if you add a comment too. YouTube measures all these things. A big response means the algorithms that run YouTube will promote the video, share it widely, and make it go viral… Otherwise it will disappear among the millions of videos posted each week.

Here’s the Link: CLICK HERE!

Please freely share this link with colleagues, clients, patients, friends, family, as well as schools, health care & educational organizations, support groups, and professional associations.

Thank you in advance!

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Rick & Ava Green!
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