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The pieces of advice given here cannot stand for a consultation with a professional.

Many documents and tools provided in this section were developed by the Clinique FOCUS, in collaboration with other professionals, to support people living with ADHD and their close ones. Thank you for respecting the copyright.

The duplication or distribution of these documents in full for teaching or clinic purposes in authorized.

Any commercial use or modification (i.e.: copying sections of texts or pictograms, illustrations) is NOT authorized.

Tooling up

Explore with attention, intervene with kindness!

There is no magical recipe or miraculous solution to live better with ADHD. Be alert with the source of your information to guide your choice of strategies! Make sure they are recommended by the experts, based on scientific evidence.

Most of the strategies suggested in this section are universal. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, taking care of our attention and taming our emotions are good things for everyone! When all this does not allow to optimize the functioning or that the compensatory burden is time and energy consuming, a diagnostic approach allows the establishment of specific strategies like ADHD medication and in class or at work special adaptative measures.

In the GUIDING section, you will find information documents and practical tips, several of which were developed by the Clinique FOCUS’ team, in collaboration with other professionals to support people suffering from ADHD and their close ones.

We invite you to take a look and choose the best tools for you among the presented tricks and tips:

And to complete your exploration with a stopover by the Videos section to discover the training programs developed in collaboration with the Fondation Philippe Laprise to live better with ADHD (in French except the educational program ADHD or PSEUDO-ADHD: Explore Beyond the Symptoms).

This process does not take place of a consultation with a professional. It is possible to get help at any step of your journey. Do not hesitate on consulting the section Exploring ADHD to know more about the diagnostical and therapeutical processes as well as the available resources to guide you through.

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