Causes of ADHD


We don’t know the causes of ADHD

We know that genetics is involved.

ADHD has, in most cases, a hereditary component and can also, but rarely, be linked with early-age neurologic affections’ after-effects (i.e.: prematurity, neonatal suffering or an infection originated in an early neurologic disease such as meningitis). So, there are individuals as well as families who are struggling to lower the impacts ADHD symptoms bring in their everyday life.

The different ways of raising a child affected by ADHD can modulate its expression and evolution. A positive and kind support leads to a context propitious to self development and success while a lack of support and help to overcome this disorder can increase the risk of developing anxiety, low self-esteem and behaviour problematics (i.e.: conflict, criminality).


ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder

Some neurotransmitters would be dysfunctional in ADHD (dopamine and noradrenaline).

The brain of people suffering from ADHD is developing and functioning differently than other people’s brain.

The neurotransmission mechanisms of dopamine (prioritization and motivation) and noradrenaline (dimming of distracting stimuli) would be dysfunctional in ADHD.

Let’s compare the flow of the information in the brain to a road network. Studies on how the brain works for people suffering from ADHD pointed out a malfunction in the zones that are responsible of the control or inhibition of certain behaviours (technically named « executional functions», who allow, among other things, « starting, braking, changing direction and prioritization on the road»).

Is sems that, in ADHD, the information transmission network is defective, as if some road signs and lights were missing on the path and cars didn’t have the right starter and brake systems. Brain imaging studies demonstrate that the brain of people suffering from ADHD works differently and that some of these differences are reversible under pharmacological treatment.

Other research also highlights a maturation delay in the brain’s development that can partially explain why many youngsters living with ADHD seem to adopt more immature behaviors than other kids of their age.

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