ADHD, School and Workplace

The symptoms associated with ADHD can affect students’ classroom performance, homework time and exams. They also have an impact in the workplace. Some coping strategies can effectively reduce the impacts of ADHD in those areas.

Here are a few tips and tricks for students of all ages who struggle with ADHD. Many may also help those who present attention difficulties associated with other problems. There is no need to wait for a diagnostic to implement them!

Explore CADDAC’s resources and have a look at the sections on Females and ADHD, ADHD In Education and ADHD in Workplace.

Post-secondary students may document impacts of symptoms with the Questionnaire on Academic Impacts and Adaptative Strategies for Students with ADHD – FOCUS Portfolio.


  • Types of Classroom Accommodations
  • Teaching Strategies for Typical ADHD and Executive Functioning Impairment
  • ADHD Symptoms, Impairments and Accommodations in the Elementary School Environment
  • ADHD Symptoms, Impairments and Accommodations in the High School Environment

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